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FACESS <span>Needs Your Help!</span>

FACESS Needs Your Help!



Every day children are bought and sold into sex slavery here in the United States of America.


Some common but damaging MISCONCEPTIONS:

  • “This is a third-world problem”
  • “These kids are from poor, dysfunctional families”
  • “They must be troubled teens”
  • “They are prostitutes by choice”

The victims of child-sex-trafficking are from every state and every walk of life. The fact is that over the last 25 years, this has become the third fastest growing crime in the United States. The FBI identified and recovered 850 children from sex-trafficking in 2009. There are more than 30,000 children forced into sexual slavery yet to be rescued. The average age of these children is 13 years old. Victims are recovered daily by law-enforcement, FBI, and The Department of Homeland Security.

Currently in the US, there are facilities that provide only short-term care and to less than 1% of the victims. When victims do not have a safe place to go after being rescued, they stand in great danger of falling victim again to this heinous crime and the prosecution rate of the slaveholders is less than 5%. If we continue to lack long-term care for the victims and effective consequences for the traffickers and solicitors, we will lose the fight against child-sex-trafficking.

FACESS, (Freeing American Children from Exploitation and Sexual Slavery) is a non-profit organization currently providing long-term care for up to 200 American children rescued from sex-trafficking. We are located on 250 beautiful acres surrounded by pastures, gardens, trails and two lakes. Each girl is welcomed into a loving family environment where she is given full access to a comfortable dorm, a cozy dining hall, school houses, a library, a swimming pool, basketball & volleyball courts, track & field facilities, and therapeutic animals included in our peaceful and safe surroundings.

Additionally, all the girls are provided:

  • Complete witness protection on and off campus and in court provided by retired law enforcement.
  • Prosecution of the girls offenders is aided by the District Attorney’s office and the US Attorney’s office.
  • We have experienced 100% prosecution success to date.
  • Full-time, loving, committed, long-term staff members
  • Professional counseling.
  • Year-round education allowing them to catch up as many are behind.
  • Medical and dental care.
  • Relationships with families willing to adopt or host each girl that does not have a family to which they can return.
  • Funding for college or trade school for those who turn 18.
  • Quarterly, four-day equestrian therapy.
  • Pet therapy.
  • Life-skills training.

By first meeting the physical needs of the girls, then earning their trust, we are able to build loving, trusting relationships with them while helping each girl heal both emotional and spiritual pain. At FACESS, our goal is to help restore an innocence and self-worth which has been so cruelly robbed from these children.

In order for us to continue to provide care to these precious girls, we need your help. With your financial support, we will be able to assure continued safety and stability for each child victim in an environment conducive to healing, restoration, and hope for their future.

Child-sex-trafficking in the United States is real and it is evil. Please choose to fight with us. Please choose to give. We have an immediate need to raise $240,000 to get through winter. Our budget is $160,000 per month. Every gift big or small $5.00 to $10,000, it all adds up to help rescue and care for our girls.

Go to website to donate or mail your tax deductible donation to:
FACESS, Inc., 31500 Grape Street, #311, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532

A complete list of other needs can be found at All donations go directly toward the rescue and long term care of these innocent young girls. The following is based on the true story of Amy, one of the girls we rescued and cared for.

Amy’s Story

When Amy was just ten years old she was sold to hundreds of men for sex. Whenever men wanted her she was subjected to unspeakable and evil abuse most would never recover from. Along with her innocence and freedom, her childhood was stolen from her. Her world was hell on earth. She was not allowed interaction with anyone for fear they could potentially rescue her, thus stealing her slaveholder’s financial revenue. She was alone and had no hope of anything changing in her life.

Amy was finally rescued by the FBI at the age of twelve. It was then that FACESS was contacted and asked to take her in. She was thirteen when she arrived on our campus. She wanted to be rescued but was terrified, withdrawn and timid at first. She continually asked, “Am I safe? Will they find me here?” It was heartbreaking to see the fear in her eyes as well as the physical and emotional damage inflicted upon this young, innocent child who never did anything to deserve the evil forced upon her.

It took several months before Amy trusted anyone enough to feel safe in opening up about what had happened to her. She shared with staff that until coming here, she had only been around men that wanted to abuse her and this was the first time she felt safe around men. Being with us, she came to know that she was of great value and a precious individual who is loved by her new FACESS family.

When Amy came to us, she had missed a lot of school and had fallen behind, yet she was motivated to catch up. After caring for her for over 2½ years, we introduced her to a family who chose to love her and spend time with her on a regular basis. They would take her to dinner, snowboarding, and regularly included her in other fun family activities. Over time, Amy’s love for this family matched their love for her. Amy officially became a true part of their family through adoption. She graduated from our program and is currently living with her new family. She recently told me, “I finally feel like a normal teenager for the first time in my life.”

This young woman is happy and excited about her future. She tells me that sometimes she gets down and does not understand why she is still paying for what others did to her, yet she loves God and is growing in amazing ways. She understands that while complete healing will take many years, some hurts will never be forgotten. She is positive and wants to move on with her life. She is happy and loves her new life, friends and family. She now has hope for her future and knows she is loved by many.

This is why I love what I do. Please be a part of rescuing more girls with us. Get involved. I promise that by saving a life, your life will be forever changed!

Our need is very critical, please help.
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Note: Due to security concerns, we do not give out our names or location for the protection of the girls and staff-members. If you would like to have more information as a donor, you may contact our office. Thank you for understanding that this is a high risk operation and there are those who would want to hurt or even kill the girls we care for.

Thank you for your financial support.
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