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<span>Supporting</span> Vendors

Supporting Vendors

Thank You to These Organizations and Individuals for Their Generous Financial Support.

OSHIM Apparel
Oshim Apparel

OSHIM profits directly contribute to the support and care of American children rescued out of human trafficking. Contribute to providing a loving, caring, family atmosphere that meets the needs of these children. Please wear OSHIM proudly. Let’s Recognize the apathy, Rescue the broken, Reveal the beauty and Remember always that we are nothingwithoutHim.




Reclaimed clothing is a means of supporting F.A.C.E.S.S. Reclaimed’s hope is to help spread awareness about the severity of this issue in the United States and to help financially support this organization through their proceeds and to help these girls reclaim their lives and childhood.



Meant4More Apparel

Meant4More is committed to encouragement and reminding people to reach for their dreams. Join us in this important work by wearing our clothing. When you make a purchase you make an impact, too. With Meant4More Apparel, you have the opportunity to stand up, and stand out. As part of our mission, a portion of sales goes to support F.A.C.E.S.S., a non-profit organization that returns freedom and restores hope to enslaved hearts.


Kingdom Wear Fundrasing

KingdomWear Fundraising exists to glorify God by spreading His inerrant word to believers as witnessing tools and to unbelievers for the planting of Gospel seeds. Our goal is to provide a website loaded with over 300 lines of scripture engraved jewelry for the purpose of raising funds in support of ministries. 40% of all sales from this link go directly to FACESS.


Make a Donation

Click Here to help us care for the girls that we have rescued.


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