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Work Projects Needed

Work Projects Needed

Work ProjectsNotes
A-frame roofs for dog kennelsTo provide shade and protection from weather
Animal EnrichmentWays to keeps cats/dogs/goats entertained while in kennels
Bee farm trainingWe have a bee farm and need training in caring for the bees and harvesting honey
Deck repair on many buildings
Deep cleaning of kitchen and dinning room
Dry wall workRepair damage caused by past leak
Help move items from one area to another
Install wood fencing for dog park
Landscape IslandDesign, then plant flowers and plants
Landscaping near the girls cabins
Misting system for dog kennelsTo keep them cool in the summer
New Roof for campus officeSkilled workers needed
Oiling of buildings
PaintingInside and outside of buildings
Parking lines re-painted and assigned letters
Relocation of the dog kennelsNeed to be moved about 75 feet
Remodel 50% of an on campus duplex for a staff memeberRemove old carpet, paint walls, fix deck, install wood floor, and deep clean
Repair baseball diamondOvergrown with weeds
Resurface basketball courtPatch and repaint the lines
Road patch work
Transfer seedlings to the garden from green housePlant and weed
TutoringMath, French, Spanish, reading, etc.
Vehicle maintenanceOil changes, etc.
Weed whacking near buildings and around ponds
Window Washing

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